Since 2023, Terras & Co offers a range of design products from several design studios.
Some products have won design awards or are displayed in our showroom.
With a design product, you can add an iconic element to your interior or terrace.
Customization is possible with many products, making your design object personal and exclusive.
Sustainability comes first:
– the lifespan of design products is longer than standard products due to the production technique and the quality of the materials, such as top-end metal and as little plastic as possible;
– the products are handmade in Europe, which means that the environmental footprint is lower;
– heaters use non-fossil fuels and most objects can also be used indoors.

Why do design products cost more than standard products?
– design costs: the best appearance, the longest lifespan and an eye for sustainability;
– produced non-industrially in Europe;
– small production numbers;
– the best materials for a luxurious look and long life;
– high-quality heating techniques for a higher efficiency.