Sunwood Firecube | Corten steel | Dutch Design

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New at Terras & Co: Sunwoord Firecubel!
The most beautiful and atmospheric fire invites you to tell stories.
The fire pit is sleek and simplistic, beautiful to see from every angle.
The high-quality Corten steel is 5 mm thick and this makes the Firecube a durable purchase for long-lasting pleasure.
Dutch design. Produced in The Netherlands.

De Firecube is made of Corten steel.
Enjoy a cosy, warming fire in the Firecube with friends and family. The simplistic, minimalist design embraces the playful flames. This stylish patio heater is made of high-quality 5 mm thick Corten steel. This makes the Firecube a sustainable purchase for long-lasting pleasure. Furthermore, the Corten steel stands out nicely against all the contrasting greenery in the garden or on the terrace. Patented design by Wout Sunderman, Sunwood.

Time only makes this fire pit better. The naturally oxidizing finish provides each Firecube with a unique appearance. Corten steel is a timeless and therefore very popular material. The orange-brown rust color makes it easy to combine the fire pit with all kinds of patio furniture.
Firecube was designed by Wout Sunderman.

+ Material: 5 mm thick corten steel
+ Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 40 cm
+ Weight: +/- 40 kg
+ Fuel: firewood
+ The Firecube is produced upon ordering in The Netherlands and is ready for you in +/- 3 weeeks.

Only place the fire bowl on a fireproof surface such as earth or gravel. Concrete pavement will be damaged by the heat. Baked pavers withstand heat well.

The Corten steel requires no maintenance. The rusting process starts after production. As soon as it is exposed to weather conditions, the steel gets its characteristic appearance. Wet leaves or vegetation should be removed from time to time, their presence on the steel slows down the cycles of wetting and drying. This accelerates corrosion too much.

What is Corten steel?
The steel alloy Corten steel was patented in the US in 1932. COR-TEN stands for COR (corrosion resistant) and TEN (tensile strength).
The rust-colored and very dense oxide skin shields the deeper material from corrosion, so that this process under the rust skin is slowed down. Due to the protecting oxide skin, it is not necessary to paint the material.

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