Discover our new bio-ethanol products!

Until a few years ago, our range consisted of fire tables, built-in burners and patio heaters on gas, electric patio heaters, wood patio heaters and mobile indoor gas heaters.
Bio-ethanol burners are becoming increasingly popular. Over the past year, Terras & Co has researched the possibilities, created designs and prototypes of burners and fireplaces. We now offer a wide range of burners and fireplaces.
The rise of ethanol fireplaces is not only due to the affordable price of the fuel and the fireplaces, but also because more and more people find it important to choose a renewable, green fuel.
In this blog we explain what bio-ethanol is, what the benefits are and what types of bio-ethanol fireplaces are now available.

Bio-ethanol is alcohol obtained from the fermentation of plant material. This can be organic waste or specially grown crops such as sugar cane or corn.
There are many advantages to using this fuel. Bio-ethanol is important in the energy transition because it is not fossil, but renewable. This makes it a climate-friendly choice. The combustion is also very clean: no harmful substances are released, so a bio-ethanol burner can be used indoors without a chimney or expensive safety features. The design of the burner can therefore be simple, which reduce the price and the risks of malfunctions or defects. The burner is basically a stainless steel container with a burning chamber and a fuel compartment under it.
The cost of the fuel itself is also low and the flames are a beautiful orange-yellow.

We would like to introduce you to our new bio-ethanol products!
Table fires are small ethanol burners with various beautiful designs that can be placed on the table. They are not expensive, prices start at €79.
Fire Pit Inserts for installation in an existing table are now also suitable for bio-ethanol. The smallest costs €25. No wire, hose or gas bottle is required and the table can also be placed indoors.
A new product on bio-ethanol is the Decorative Fireplace. These have beautiful designs and are usually used indoors. They have an attractive fire and are an eye-catcher in your interior. The heat output can be considerable, so these fireplaces are certainly suitable as additional heating. There are wall-mounted fireplaces, free-standing fireplaces and hanging fireplaces that seem to float in space. Prices vary from €130 for small models to €1300 for large, exclusive design fireplaces.
Finally, complete Fire Tables are available in various sizes and materials, prices start at € 499. What is unique here is that the fire table can simply burn in the living room!

Did you know that…
– 10% of petrol now consists of bio-ethanol? The name is E10, the E stands for Ethanol.
– A car with an adapted engine can run on 85% bio-ethanol? In Brazil, E85 is the most commonly used fuel. The country is rich in sugar cane and the electric car is a rarity. In the Mid West of the United States, the Corn Belt, E85 is also popular and is made out of corn.