Great atmosphere heat on wheels.

It can still be quite cold in the run-up to spring. To create a cozy, warm atmosphere, you can purchase the mobile “Provence gas stove”. These gas heaters have the appearance of an attractive old-fashioned pot heater with which you can enjoy a wonderfully warm fire with real coal glow.

Outside and inside
Because no outlet / chimney is required, the gas heaters working on gas bottles are suitable for outside and inside. They can be placed in almost all ventilated spaces, such as living room, office, log cabin, boat / ship, holiday home, chalet, conservatory, etc. The heaters are equipped with solid wheels, so easy to move. You can ‘add’ them in an instant.

Different models
In our webshop we sell 2 different models of these handy, mobile atmospheric heaters. Model “Manhattan” has a retro design look with the appearance of a cozy fireplace and weighs only 21 kg. The model “Provence indoor-gas-stove” model has a traditional pot stove look and weighs 44 kg. This model is available in different colors.

Of course, your safety has also been considered. Our mobile gas heaters are CE approved. When there is not enough oxygen in the room or leakage, the indoor gas heaters switch off automatically. They are also equipped with thermoelectric protection against overheating. A pilot flame ensures this; the gas supply closes when the flame goes out. This way you can fully enjoy a delicious fire with real coal glow, or old-fashioned cozy warmth on wheels.