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The unique and eccentric design makes Dewdrop the eye-catcher of your garden. Timeless as it is, it feels at home in a sleek minimalist city garden as well as in a monumental park garden. Designed and produced in Belgium. Each Dewdrop is a handmade, functional work of art. The ideal mix between simplicity and pure outdoor luxury. Available in 3 sizes.



Due to its timeless design, the Glowbus Dewdrop is a functional, artistic object in every garden. The ideal mix between raw simplicity and pure outdoor luxury.
Eye-catcher during the day, source of coziness in the evening. Discover a new world of elemental fire.
Ten years ago Andreas Ketels, artist and founder of Glowbus, drew the first line of what became the Glowbus collection.
Each piece in the collection is a handmade, functional work of art that invites you to enjoy a moment of conviviality. Thanks to the design and the play of light, each Glowbus brings an evening around a crackling fire into a completely different dimension.

The Glowbus Dewdrop is available in 3 sizes. Dewdrop M is most suitable for compact areas such as a patio or smaller garden. The Dewdrop L is extremely suitable for larger gardens and the largest variant – the Dewdrop XL – decorates large park and landscape gardens or provides an experience in hotels and tourist locations.

– Material: Corten Steel
– Colour: Rust
– Fuel: wood, optional: bio-ethanol
– Dimensions (l x w x h): 65 x 65 x 100 cm (M) | 80 x 80 x 120 cm (L) | 100 x 100 x 150 cm (XL)
– Weight: 150kg (M) | 220 kg (L) | 425 kg (XL)
– Material thickness: 10 mm (M/L) | 12mm (XL)
– Heat range: at least 6.3 m2 (M) | 9 m2 (L) | 16 m2 (XL), see images

Options / Accessories:
– Bio-ethanol Kit: (Dewdrop M: € 1,660.00 | Dewdrop L: (€ 1,700.00)
– Bottom plate / Ash plate: (M: € 482.00 | L-Ø90 cm: € 592.00 | XL-Ø110 cm: € 975.00
– Personalize with your own logo or text (you will be contacted): € 499.00

Installation: The Dewdrop M and L are fairly easy to place or move by rolling the Dewdrop on its side. The Dewdrop XL requires more force and is usually placed using a crane or forklift.

Weather resistance: The Dewdrop withstands all weather conditions. Temperatures of up to 1000° C are no problem at all and thanks to its robust shape and weight, it can withstand wind speeds of up to 200 km/h.

Maintenance: The Dewdrop requires almost no maintenance. The only thing we recommend is to remove the ashes if the fire pit is not used for a long time.

If you prefer not to burn wood, the Dewdrop bio-ethanol kit is your ideal solution. This option can be added at any time for the Dewdrop M or L. Included in the kit is the high quality burner from the EcoSmart Fire brand. The kit also includes a custom-developed integration kit. As a result, the burner is seamlessly integrated into the Dewdrop design and because the integration kit is also made entirely of Corten steel, it rusts beautifully with your Dewdrop.

What is Corten Steel?
The steel alloy Corten steel was patented in the US in 1932. COR-TEN stands for COR (corrosion resistant) and TEN (tensile strength).
The rust-coloured and very dense oxide skin shields the deeper-lying material from oxygen, which slows down oxidation considerably. Due to the oxide skin, it is not necessary to paint the material.

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