Fire Pit Table Tabula Ignis | Concrete | Bio-ethanol | Design Award 2022

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This fire table won both the Paris Design Award and the European Product Design Award in 2022.
Terras & Co is proud to present this unique product!
The table is only 16 cm high and is made of beautifully finished concrete. A sustainable design object in your interior or on your terrace.
The bio-ethanol fireplace burns with beautiful orange-yellow flames.
Designed and handmade by CO33 in Germany.



This fire table from the design brand CO33 is only 16 cm high and is made of concrete. The table is handmade in Germany and has an extremely smooth surface that has been treated with the impregnating agent “Lithofin Fleckstop W” to protect it against stains and dirt. This creates a very durable design object in refined quality and the highest demands on material, look and feel. The fire table can be left outside all year round, but can also be safely used indoors. The flames and the warmth of the fire table create a unique atmosphere.
Terras & Co introduces the Fire Tables on bio-ethanol to offer a sustainable alternative. Bio-ethanol produces beautifully moving, bright orange-yellow flames.

Dimensions: 80 x 80 cm or 100 x 100 cm (length x width), height 16 cm.
Weight: 100 KG (the table of 80 x 80 cm) / 125 KG (the table of 100 x 100 cm).
Fuel: Bio-ethanol
Material: Concrete in the colours gray (concrete grey), anthracite (dark grey) or black.
Including: Wheels and stainless steel ethanol fireplace of 34 x 13 cm (in the table of 80 x 80 cm) or 45 x 15 cm (in the table of 100 x 100 cm)
Filling capacity: 1200 ml (in the smaller burner) or 1600 ml (in the larger burner)
Burning time: 3 hours (approximately 0.5 liters of ethanol per hour)
Available accessories: stainless steel container to replace the burner; glass guard.

In 2022, this fire table has won the Paris Design Award in the Furniture and Lighting category.
This design has also won the European Product Design Award 2022 in the Interior Products and Furniture category.

Nice to know: Tabula Ignis is Latin for Fire table.

Why grey, why concrete?
CO33 explains: Undoubtedly, gray is the current trend colour for homes, restaurants, hotels and shops.
The beauty of gray is the huge variety of shades. “50 Shades of Gray” is still an understatement, as countless paint and furniture manufacturers have proven.
Concrete has a wide range of gray colour facets. Furniture made of gray concrete not only has an ideal neutral color, but also looks fresh and modern and harmonizes perfectly with all other colours. Concrete owes its gray colour to the natural pigments in its raw materials. These natural pigments have complex undertones and give the colour beautiful nuances. This makes it look lively and interesting.
Gray stands for elegance.
Gray is an excellent match for modern purist or minimalist living or industrial styles and has now made the leap from designer apartments and magazine pages into the mainstream.
Gray is a very versatile colour regardless of the seasons and has been replacing black in fashion for a number of years.

What is bio-ethanol?
Bio-ethanol is ethanol (alcohol) obtained by the fermentation of plant material. It is therefore not a fossil fuel and important in the energy transition.
It now makes up 10% of petrol (E10 = 10% bioethanol). The fuel is also getting more important for heating and in a decorative fireplace it is beneficial that the combustion is virtually odorless. In addition, ethanol produces beautifully moving, yellow-orange flames.
Bio-ethanol is widely available, a liter bottle costs +/- € 3.00.

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