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The designer patio heater “Glow” consists of separate modules, each with a heating element and lighting. You can combine the modules in a playful way and hang them wherever you want, indoors or outdoors. A 100% Belgian product with a timeless design and maintenance-free.



The Heatsail GLOW combines lighting and heating. The GLOW consists of a combination of a metal housing with a glass top, with 1 round, ceramic heating element at the bottom and 2 (dimmable) lamps at the top.
A 100% Belgian product with a timeless design and virtually maintenance-free. The GLOW is available per 3 or per 5 pieces. One module provides a heat of 600 watts. The set of 3 or 5 pieces are supplied including suspension brackets, suspension cables and ceiling boxes.

You can hang the modules at different heights and in different places, you are completely free to play with them. Various additional ceiling modules are available. With a round ceiling module, you can hang 5 heating/lighting modules in a circle (possibly at different heights). With the linear ceiling modules, you can hang 3 or 5 in a straight line. You can also order suspension rods in which the wires are concealed, so only the nice looking metal rods are visible. You can easily shorten the rods if you want to vary the heights of the modules.

In addition, a controller is available. This includes a remote control with which you can dim the lighting and control the heaters in 2 positions. Without the additional controller, you connect the Glow wiring to your own electricity network and switches.

– Heating power: 600 W per module, total power: 1800 W with 3 modules / 3000 W with 5 modules
– Lighting: 40 W per module (halogen)
– Power consumption: 3 modules – max. 1.92 kW/h, 5 modules – max. 3.2 kW/h
– Waterproof: IP43
– Dimensions: 170 x 170 mm per module
– Weight: 2,5 KG per module
– Cabel length: 150 cm
– Material: High quality stainless steel, aluminum, glass
– Colour: Black
– Low energy costs compared to gas
– Including: suspension brackets, suspension cables and ceiling boxes

Options / accessories:
– Long ceiling module 1.2 m – for 3 pieces: € 140.00
– Long ceiling module 2.2 m – for 5 pieces: € 160.00
– Round ceiling module – Only for 5 pieces: € 500.00
– Suspension rods – 3 pieces: € 160.00
– Suspension rods – 5 pieces: € 200.00
– Control incl. remote for 3 and 5 pieces: € 400.00

The modules must be suspended at least 180 cm above the ground.
The use of LED lamps with the modules is possible if they are made of glass and are more resistant to high temperatures than the commonly available LEDs. The service life of LED lamps decreases significantly at high temperatures. However, LED technology is getting better and better. Choose a lamp that is dimmable when replacing, several types of LED lamps are now also dimmable.

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