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BEEM is a timeless heating & lighting product that turns your terrace, patio or canopy into a delightful jewel.
When it gets darker, you turn on the 6 or 8 lights distributed over the BEEM.
When it gets chilly, just turn on the integrated heating. Discrete far-infrared heating elements give you the most pleasant warmth.
When it gets really too hot, switch on the optional misting and pressurized water evaporate above your head, cooling the surrounding air up to 15°C.



The Heatsail BEEM offers lighting and heating in one. Designed and produced in Belgium with a timeless design and no maintenance. The BEEM is available in black or white and in different lengths. The design guarantees easy assembly. As an extra option, you can add cooling to the BEEM.

With the supplied remote control, the lighting and heating can be set in several positions and the cooling can also be adjusted to the position that you like. You can also switch on only the heating, or just the lighting.

– Heating capacity: 3 kW with a length of 230 or 290 cm / 4 kW with a length of 390 or 520 cm, adjustable in 2 positions
– Lighting: 6 x 40 W for a length of 230 or 290 cm / 8 x 40 W for a length of 390 or 520 cm
– Consumption: max. 3.24 kWh at a length of 230 or 290 cm / max. 4.32 kWh at a length of 390 or 520 cm
– Waterproof: IP43
– Dimensions: 230 cm / 290 cm / 390 cm / 520 cm
– Heat range: 5.75 m2 @ 230 cm / 7.25 m2 @ 290 cm / 9.75 m2 @ 390 cm / 13 m2 @ 520 cm
– Material: aluminum
– Colour: Black or White
– Low energy costs compared to gas
– Suitable for professional use in bars, hotels or restaurants
– Includes: remote control, suspension rods and ceiling modules

Option: Cooling
When it really gets too hot, switch on the optional misting. Integrated channels on both sides of the BEEM provide a fine mist. A combination of very small openings and high pressure allows water to evaporate into the air before it ends up on the surface or the guests.
It cools the air to 15°C. The cooling can be easily and accurately adjusted with the remote control or with the special app.
The additional cost for this option is € 800 for lengths of 230 and 290 cm / € 1200 for lengths of 390 and 520 cm.

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