Gas hose 1 meter | 2 meter | 3 meter | 5 meter | Incl. Pressure Regulator

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Replacing the gas hose and pressure regulator when needed is important for safety. The gas hose and pressure regulator are installed between the gas bottle and the burner. Terras & Co has gas hoses of various lengths in stock.
Would you like a different length? Please, feel free to contact us.



Gas hose with gas pressure regulator
The 1 meter gas hose is suitable for all built-in burners, fire tables and patio heaters where the gas bottle is located inside the table or the heater.
Inside a fire table with a height of 53 cm or more, you can store a gas bottle of at least 5 KG.
Do you want to place the gas bottle in a different place, for example because the fire table is too low or because you want to use a larger gas bottle?
Then choose a longer gas hose. We have gas hoses of 2, 3 and 5 meters in stock.
Would you like a different length? We can have a custom gas hose made for you. Feel free to contact us.

Terrace & Co advises:
– Replace the gas hose and pressure regulator every 5 years.
– Inspect the gas hose annually, but at least every 2 years, for cracks and damage. Fold the hose into a bend and check for cracks.
If in doubt, replace the gas hose.
– Make sure that the gas hose and pressure regulator are not exposed to sunlight.
– When installing the hose and pressure regulator, avoid direct contact with the bottom of the burner.

The gas pressure regulator reduces the pressure from the gas bottle to 30 mbar (millibar). The pressure regulator contains a membrane that is subject to aging.
The condition of the membrane cannot be checked from the outside and you must not open the pressure regulator.
To ensure that the pressure regulator is still safe, you must replace it after 5 years from the date of manufacture.
There is a production date on the gas hose and pressure regulator. Count from this date. The date is therefore not the “best before date”.

Pressure regulator:
– For use of propane or butane gas
– Passage capacity: 1.5 kg/h
– Working pressure: 30 mbar
– Gas bottle connection: Combi connection (Din/Shell-Calpam)
– Hose connection: 1/4 inch left male thread

Gas hose:
– For use of propane or butane gas
– Connections: 2 x 1/4 inch left female thread (pressed connections)
– Length: 1, 2, 3 or 5 meters. Choose the length from the menu at the top.

To be used with:
– Built-in burners / table fireplaces
– Patio heaters
– Fire tables
– Fire columns

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