GasStop – Avoid problems, secure the gas supply with the Gas Stop system

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With GasStop, you can:

– secure your gas installation against major leaks;
– detect small leaks yourself;
– read how much gas there is left in the bottle.

When will the GasStop take effect?
The safety device comes into operation in the event of a major leak such as a loose hose or a rupture in a hose or tube. With such a leak, the gas supply will be immediately blocked. To be able to detect small leaks, the GasStop is equipped with a gas meter. By shutting down all gas devices and turning the gas tap on the bottle completely open, the network of pipes and hoses is pressurized. If the gas tap is then closed completely during 10 minutes, the gas meter will indicate any pressure loss.

Safety above all!

How does the indicator work on GasStop’s safety system?

GasStop will switch off the gas supply immediately and automatically in the event of a major leak or system failure.
Easy-to-use gas indicator: GasStop lets you know when you’re running out of gas, so that you can have the gas bottle refilled in time.
Leak tester: GasStop can also be used for detecting small leaks. Always check your gas installation to ensure that it is leak-proof.

The GasStop is easy to install and it is a technically advanced system. It has been composed of high quality materials and carefully manufactured according to the latest technology. GasStop has been independently tested and meets the ISO and EN standards.


How to use?

1. Connect gas stop to the gas bottle
2. Tighten GasStop firmly
3. Connect pressure regulator (use a normal gas pressure regulator, not an EFV gas pressure regulator) and the appliance
4. Then press 4-6 times to start the gas flow.

The system can be used for an indication of the amount of liquid gas. Our indicator indicates whether any gas is present, when there is an overpressure and when there is almost no gas left.
A constant pressure means that there is liquid Propane Gas / LPG in the bottle, but it is impossible to show the exact amount. If the pressure is in or near the red zone, this is a sign that the amount of liquid gas is decreasing.
In the bottle there are several variables that can influence the pressure, these are: temperature, amount of liquified gas versus rate of evaporation, type of gas, gas purity and the like. Other irregularities can also influence pressure measurement, such as the use of different gas pressure regulators.
As indicated in the instructions, it is advised to let the gas flow for some time so that the gas pressure can reach a so-called “phase equilibrium” or “phase rule” to get the best indication of the gas level.
The meter is pre-set to correspond to different pressure levels (see figure below). This is the best indication possible.

the indicator on Gas Stop safety system:the indicator on Gas Stop safety system

How does GasStop work?
In the GasStop, a steel ball closes the gas flow against a rubber ring. To use gas, open the gas tap of the bottle. The gas pressure must then be balanced on both sides by pressing the gas meter 4-6 times. The ball in the valve falls away and the transit is free. In the event of a serious leak, the (stronger) gas flow will lift the ball against the rubber ring, resulting in closure of the throughput. In addition, you can see how much gas is left in your gas cylinder through the gas meter, allowing you to change or refill in time. You will never be without gas during the barbecue!

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