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A built-in gas burner for creating a fire table: a ‘table with fire’!
You can insert this square gas burner in your own coffee or dining table. Installation is easy for any DIY enthusiast.
With this affordable fire pit insert kit, you make your own unique fire table!

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This loose stainless steel burner is suitable for building into an existing table. All you have to do is saw an opening of max. 45 x 45 cm from the table and let the built-in burner sink in. The flat edge of the burner rests on the tabletop, making it very sturdy and the bottom of the tray has no contact with the wood, so that the table does not get hot.
The burner has a 45 cm long flexible, metal gas hose and thermocouple. The control panel with gas regulator and igniter is pre-assembled on the burner. If desired, you can unscrew the control panel and mount it on the edge of the table up to 45 cm from the burner.
Connect to a propane or butane gas bottle and enjoy!

Length: 50 cm (outer size)
Width: 50 cm
Depth of the burner: 8 cm
Power: 16.5 kW
Body: High quality stainless steel SAE 304
Gas ring: High quality stainless steel SAE 304
Control panel with electric igniter
Flame height adjustable
KIWA , Gastec & CE certified
Incl. Lava rocks, 1m gas tube, 30 Mbar pressure regulator and stainless steel lid
Dimensions of table opening: 45 x 45 cm

Set of 3 lava logs.: € 49,-

Our patio fireplaces comply with the strictest Dutch safety regulations and are KIWA and CE certified. The burners are equipped with an electronic ignition and thermo-electric protection which protects against overheating. This protection will block the gas supply. A pilot light provides thermal protection. When the pilot light goes out, it closes the gas supply at all times. The gas pressure remains constant with a working pressure of 30 mbar via the pressure regulator. As a result, the flames can be adjusted by the control knob on the thermoblock.

So, you can enjoy your fire table in peace and enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

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