Water Table | Corten Steel | Height 40 cm | 145 cm Ø

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New at Terras & Co: the Water Tables!
The moving water is relaxing to watch. Because the water level in a water table is higher than in a pond, you add a unique element and a true eye-catcher to your garden or terrace.
The fountain is accentuated in the dark by the LED.

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New at Terras & Co: the Water Tables!
With the Water table, you add a beautiful eye-catcher to your garden or terrace.
The fountain is accentuated in the dark by the LED.

Round Steel Water Table with Fountain & LED
Material: Corten Steel
Dimensions: Diameter 145 cm, height 40 cm.
Top rim: 90 x 30 mm
Wall thickness: 3 mm
Weight: 124 KG
Including: Pump and LED.
Delivery: On a pallet.
Delivery time: 4 to 5 weeks.
Warranty: Table: 5 years; Pump: 2 years; LED: 1 year.

Upon installation:
• The water table must be placed on a firm, level surface.
• Unpack the water table immediately after delivery, so that any moisture between the packaging and the product is not trapped. This can cause irregular rusting and staining.

Use in winter:
• Always disconnect power during frost.
• Lower the water level to at least 10 cm below the edge.
• A “frost protector” is recommended (available at any garden center or hardware store).
• Pump can remain in the water if the above conditions are met.
• You can also remove the pump from the pond and store it in a frost-free place.

The Corten steel requires no maintenance. The rusting process starts after production. The more the steel is exposed to weather conditions, the faster the steel gets its characteristic appearance. Wet leaves or vegetation should be removed occasionally, the presence of these on the steel slows down the wetting and drying cycles. This accelerates corrosion too much. The acidity (Ph value) of the water must be neutral (7). Remove dead plants or fallen leaves from the water, because they acidify the water.

What is Corten steel?
COR-TEN stands for COR (corrosion resistant) and TEN (tensile strength). This steel alloy has a good resistance to weather influences and is as strong as stainless steel. The rust-coloured and very dense oxide skin shields the deeper-lying material from oxygen, which slows down oxidation considerably. Therefore, it is not necessary to paint the steel.

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