Table Fire FFB830 | Bio-ethanol

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The FFB830 is a modern L-shaped decorative fireplace.
Easy to ignite and extinguish, immediately enjoy the warmth and atmosphere wherever you want.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Odorless and safe to use.

The table fireplace FFB830 is a beautiful decorative element due to its modern and sleek design in an L-shape. The burner of 1340 Watts provides warmth and atmosphere to your living room, balcony, patio or garden.
The use of the fuel is very safe thanks to its design and safety features. Refilling bio-ethanol is easy and without spilling, because the fuel is absorbed immediately. The burner has a double safety design and is easy to turn off with the extinguish tool.
The special absorber system increases the efficiency by 20 to 30%, so that the fuel consumption is lower at the same power.

Dimensions: 450 x 205 x 300 mm (l x w x h)
Weight: 6.5 KG.
Fuel: Bio-ethanol, filling capacity 500 ml
Burning time: 135 minutes (222 ml / hour)
Power: 1340 Watts
Qlima absorber system for XL operation: 20-30% more efficiency
Safety: double safety burner, tipping switch, anti-leakage system
Colour: black
Material: stainless steel, tempered glass
Including: stainless steel flame arrester
Warranty: 2 years.

What is bio-ethanol?
Bio-ethanol is ethanol (alcohol) obtained by the fermentation of plant material. It is therefore not a fossil fuel and important in the energy transition.
It now makes up 10% of petrol (E10 = 10% bioethanol). The fuel is also getting more important for heating and in a decorative fireplace it is beneficial that the combustion is virtually odorless. In addition, ethanol produces beautifully moving, yellow-orange flames.
Bio-ethanol is widely available, a liter bottle costs +/- € 3.00. The FFB830 consumes +/- € 0.67 per hour and has a heating capacity of 1340 W.

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