QFlame Fire Bowl 56 cm Ø

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New at Terras & Co: the Q-Flame Fire Bowl!
A unique product of extremely pure natural quartz glass with a beautiful diffuse light emission and wonderful warmth of natural wood fire.
The glass fire bowl QFlame has got a puristic, minimalist design and the evenly distributed heat of the fire ensures atmospheric evenings and unique moments – on the terrace, on the balcony or in the garden.

The QFlame fire bowl is made of extremely pure quartz glass and is heat resistant up to 1300 °C.

QFlame makes special moments unforgettable. With the fire bowl made of high-quality quartz glass, you can experience the cozy warmth of a wood fire. As stylish fire and outdoor lighting element, QFlame provides illumination and an evenly heated environment.
QFlame fire bowls are made of 100% pure quartz glass. The properties of this material unite the energy and warmth with the beauty of fire. The rough, opaque exterior refracts the light from the flames and diffuses it.

Delivery includes:
+ QFlame glass fire bowl
+ QBase brushed stainless steel base
+ QLid brushed stainless steel lid
+ QProtection weather protection

Place the fire bowl on a fireproof surface such as earth or gravel. You can also use granite or other stone types to protect the underlying surface.

The quartz glass is resistant to all weather influences such as frost and is resistant to the heat of the fire.
The bowl is fire-polished on the inside, so mirror-smooth. It can be cleaned like a glass oven or stove door. If dry and resin-free wood is used, simply wipe the shell with a piece of newspaper with cold ash. If more soot remains, you can also use a glass cleaner. If there is any resin residue, it will burn away the next time you light the fire.

The material
Quartz glass is made from natural sand: silicon dioxide. The high purity used for this fire bowl (99.998%) can only be found in a few places on earth.

Natural, extremely high purity crystalline sand is melted into quartz glass under clean-room conditions at extremely high temperatures (3,000°C). The sand is melted layer by layer with a short electric arc in a graphite crucible under protective gas. During this process, even the smallest chemical deviations soften and become visible as small (< 2 mm) dots in the fire bowl. These do not affect the temperature resistance and strength of the glass, but show the natural origin of this product.

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