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Patio heater Outdoor Heatpanel 1800

 249.00 incl. VAT

New at Terras & Co: Outdoor Heat Panel 1800. A comfortable warmth on a terrace area of 10 to 15 square metres, without emittance of light!

No light, heat only: the Outdoor Heatpanel 1800

With the Outdoor Heatpanel 1800, you can enjoy the summer evenings until the late hours. This infrared patio heater has a capacity of 1800 Watts and is splash-proof. This patio heater does not emit visible light, so you won’t be bothered by red or orange light. This way you keep the atmosphere!

The heat panel can be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. This way you can always find the ideal position for the infrared heater. The patio heater comes complete with all necessary brackets. It also has a robust aluminum housing and is also splash-proof (IPX4). This makes this patio heater ideal for outdoor use, such as in (semi) closed terraces. The heat can dissipate more quickly on open terraces. The range of the patio heater is 10 to 15 m².

Infrared patio heaters are the most economic
Because an infrared patio heater converts almost all energy directly into radiant heat, it is a sustainable choice. By means of infrared radiation, the heat is directly absorbed by your body or other objects, but the surrounding air is not heated. As a result, less heat and energy is lost. This results in a pleasant and energy-efficient way of patio heating!

Main features:
– Does not emit visible light
– You feel the warmth instantly and constantly by means of invisible infrared waves (IR)
– Silent
– Low energy costs compared to gas
– Durable, good quality
– Protected against overheating
– Complies with CE standards and IPX4 requirements (splash-proof)
– Dimensions: 5 x 104 x 18 cm
– Distance between mounting brackets: 60 cm
– Length of power cable: 190 cm
– Weight: 6,8 kg
– 2 years warranty

Infrared radiation, is it safe?
The radiation emitted by the heater is not harmful. Infrared has a longer wavelength than visible light. The shorter the wavelength, the more intense the energy and therefore the risk of exposure. The shortest waves in sunlight, ultraviolet, are harmful to the skin and are even carcinogenic after prolonged exposure.
When you analyse 1 kW of solar energy, 527 watts is infrared radiation (long waves), 445 watts is visible light (mid-waves), and 32 watts is ultraviolet radiation (short waves).

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