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Parasol / wall / patio heater Golden 2000 Amber Smart

 369.00 incl. VAT

Dimming the heater with your cell phone!

Golden 2000 Amber Smart

The Golden 2000 Amber Smart is the showpiece among parasol / patio heating. The brand new infrared patio heater has only been on the market recently, and is already a great success. The handy gadgets make the appliance an easy-to-use heater, with familiar technology. The Amber Smart patio heater is less bright and gives a less red glow. Compared to the other Golden 2000 models, the heat output is considerably higher and you can dim it steplessly with your smartphone or supplied remote control.

Heater with powerful infrared lamp

The use of a modern, powerful Golden Amber lamp makes this heater very suitable for outdoor use. The radiation is not sensitive to cold air or wind, but penetrates the air layers and warms everything pleasantly. This new lamp emits less light, but more heat. Due to the maximum power of 2000 Watt, there is enough power for a maximum surface of 25 m2.
The heater can be used flexibly thanks to the supplied brackets. With this, the device can be mounted on the wall and ceiling, but also on a tent or parasol. In addition, chains are included for hanging attachment. When the unit is mounted on the wall or ceiling, you can aim the unit 100º. The Eurom Golden 2000 Amber Smart has an insulation rating of IP65, making the device completely dust and splash-proof. Mounting outdoors is therefore no problem. The aluminum casing ensures a solid whole.

Dimming the heater with telephone

If you want to be able to switch and dim your patio heater with your mobile phone, then we have this powerful solution here! Outdoor life is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. That is why we have included various types of Eurom Golden patio heaters in our range. These types can be used professionally, but are now also affordable for consumers too. This slim, elegant heater is ideal for outdoor use, regardless of position and weather.

The quality has been proven by:
– 8000 burning hours for the lamp
– Insulation class IP65 spray-proof
– Radiant heat can be felt up to 4 meters
– Rugged, slim housing
– Supplied with various hanging accessories
– Cooled back side
– Range: 25 m2
– Electricity costs per hour: 0.46 €

The Eurom Golden 2000 Amber Smart Golden patio heater is ideal for the garden under the umbrella, gazebo, awning, patios, balconies, terraces, hotels, cafes, tourist and public places, smoking areas, external waiting areas, stations and market and sales stalls. It is possible to enjoy your garden or balcony in the evening after sunset. The advantage of the Eurom Golden 2000 Amber Smart compared to the Eurom Golden is: The Eurom Golden 2000 Amber Smart has a new and fresh design and great new functions. In addition to operation via the remote control, you can operate the patio heater by means of a free app using Bluetooth on the iPhone and on phones using Android.

Tip: you can operate multiple patio heaters at the same time in one app. The App is also equipped with a handy slider, with which you can adjust the lamp continuously to any desired position. Ideal, also for catering. Bluetooth 4.0 max 200m distance.

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