Hardwood Cleaner & Oil

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This set contains everything you need to maintain and clean your hardwood fire table:
– Teak oil
– Teak cleaner
– Miracle sponge
– Brush
– Non-woven cloth
Suitable for all hardwood fire tables.

This set contains everything you need to maintain and clean your hardwood fire pit table.

Hardwood Cleaner & Oil Cleaning Set
– Teak oil
– Teak cleaner
– Magic sponge
– Brush
– Non-woven cloth

Teak cleaner for bare wood
Properties: Teak cleaner is less harmful to the environment and contains no phosphates, chlorine, acids and alkalis. Teak cleaner is a highly concentrated liquid and must always be diluted before use. pH value is 11.5.

Depending on the severity of the pollution, dilute teak cleaner in water in a ratio of 1:8 to 1:15. Start with soaking the surface with clean water. Then, apply Teak Cleaner to the surface to be cleaned, brush well with the magic sponge (white sponge) and rinse shortly afterwards with plenty of water. Do not let the cleaning solution dry to prevent stripes. Repeat the treatment if necessary.
Never use teak cleaner pure!
Contains: anionic surfactants <5%, perfumes.

Teak oil
Properties: Teak oil is very suitable for the maintenance of all unpainted woodwork of the ship’s deck, doors, paneling, furniture, etc. Teak oil deepens the color of the wood and brings the wood structure to life. Protects against dirt, moisture stains and makes scratches invisible.

Apply Teak oil to the non-woven cloth (not directly to the wood). Rub in lightly and let it soak in. Rub if necessary. With new wood and strong suction, the treatment must be applied several times.
Contains: aliphatic hydrocarbons≥30%, Paraffin oil; Alkanes, C15-19-branched and linear.

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