Gift Card € 50,-


Nice to give or receive!

New in our webshop at the request of our customers.
Share warmth and atmosphere with this gift card!

Share warmth and atmosphere as a gift!

How does it work?

– You choose one or more gift vouchers and pay for them;
– You ‘ll receive an automatic order confirmation by e-mail;
– The order number is your unique gift card number;
– You print the blank gift certificate shown above, and fill out the recipient’s name, the gift card number and the value;
– The recipient selects a gift in the webshop worth the gift voucher or more and then calls or e-mails Terras & Co;
– Terras & Co asks for the gift card number(s) and processes the order;
– If the order value is higher than the value of the receipt, the recipient will receive an invoice to pay the difference.

Choose your gift voucher: €20, €50 or €100.
The gift voucher is valid for 6 months.

How can we help you?

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The Netherlands

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