Fire Pit Insert | Table Gas Fire | Black | 32×52 cm | Quattro-fire

 799.00 incl. VAT

A built-in gas burner for creating a fire table: a ‘table with fire’!
You can insert this rectangular gas burner in your own coffee or dining table. Installation is easy for any DIY enthusiast.
With this fire pit insert kit, you make your own unique fire pit table!

Dutch design, manufacturing quality and safety standards are your best guarantee for many years of enjoyment.

This Fire Pit Insert Gas Burner for outdoors is, like all our fire pit table inserts, completely assembled.
This beautiful stainless steel gas burner has a black, heat resistant powder coating. It can be inserted in the excision of your own table. The burner tray is 7 cm high and extends above the table.
After making the excision in the tabletop, you screw the two stainless steel mounting rails under the tabletop. Let the gas burner sink in the excision, connect the gas supply and the fire pit can burn immediately!
With the electronic ignition, you’ll start your fire pit with the push of a button. The flames are infinitely adjustable from low to high.
The large burner bed gives a lot of warmth and beautiful big flames, this makes it look like a real wood fireplace.
Experience the pleasant warmth and atmosphere, but also the convenience of a gas fireplace.
Length of the gas hose: You can specify the length of the gas hose in the drop down menu. 1 meter is included as standard.
Choice of gas type: The fire pit is available on propane gas or natural gas for the same price.
This model is also available in plain stainless steel or completely installed in one of our fire pit tables.
Our tip: Keep the cut-out part of the tabletop for later replacement.
If you want to use your table without the fire pit, just disconnect the burner from its gas supply, take it out and place your cut-out part of the tabletop on the mounting rails of the burner.
This top-quality Fire Pit Insert has a massive steel fire platform and comes as a complete installation kit:
.  Burner tray with heat resistant powder coating
.  Frame, 7 cm high, with massive steel fire platform
.  2 mounting rails, stainless steel
.  Lid that covers the burner completely
.  Protecting cover over wiring
.  Gas control block with silencer
.  Electronic pilot light ignition
.  Control knob to adjust flame heights infinitely
.  Gas hose with pressure regulator or natural gas coupling
.  Anthracite coloured lava rocks
This product line of Fire Pit Inserts is designed and produced in the Netherlands.
This model is available in 4 sizes:
Fire Platform    Burner Tray Excision in tabletop
30×30 cm          37×37cm        31x31cm
25×45 cm          32×52 cm       26x46cm
25×60 cm          32×67 cm       26x61cm
40×40 cm          47×47 cm       41x41cm

Gas consumption of the Fire Pits: 

    The Fire Pit 37×37 cm consumes 0,8 m3 natural gas per hour
    • The Fire Pit 32×52 cm consumes 1,2 m3 natural gas per hour
    • The Fire Pit 32×67 cm consumes 1,5 m3 natural gas per hour
    • The Fire Pit 47×47 cm consumes 1,5 m3 natural gas per hour
    On a propane bottle of 10 kg, a 37×37 burns 25 to 26 hours
    • On a propane bottle of 10 kg, a 32×52 cm burns 21 to 23 hours
    • On a propane bottle of 10 kg, a 32×67 cm burns 20 to 22 hours
    • On a propane bottle of 10 kg, a 47×47 cm burns 20 to 22 hours

The gas burners are designed for installation in outdoor furniture. They are equipped with a safety system which is enclosed and protected by a stainless-steel hood, together with the wiring and control block. Our fire pits comply with the most stringent Dutch safety regulations and are KIWA and CE approved for entire Europe. The fire pits are equipped with electronic piezo ignition and thermoelectric protection which protects against overheating. This protection blocks the gas supply. A pilot light provides thermal protection. When the pilot light goes out, it always shuts the gas supply. The gas pressure remains constant with a working pressure of 30 mbar via the gas pressure regulator. As a result, the flames can be infinitely adjusted via the control knob on the control block.

In our burners, a special silencer has been installed to prevent the annoying or disturbing noise of the flowing gas. So, you can enjoy your fireplace and the cozy atmosphere in peace. The fireplaces are delivered with a test certificate, the capacity in kilowatts and the injector size in mm.

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