Bio-ethanol Table Fire pit insert | Stainless Steel | 21 cm Ø | Enjoyfires

 79.95 incl. VAT

New at Terras & Co: the Bio-ethanol Built-in burners from Enjoyires!
You can place this round burner in your own lounge and/or dining table in no time at all. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and available directly from our own stock.

This round bio-ethanol burner is made of stainless steel and can be installed in an existing table.
Our bio ethanol burners are easy to install as they do not require a chimney, a gas connection or electricity, which allows them to be placed wherever you like, such as living rooms, bedrooms, gardens or on terraces. Bio-Ethanol is a clean and cheap fuel. Almost no odor or smoke is released during use.

Use of the burner:
All you have to do is make an opening with a diameter of 18 centimeters in your table top and insert the burner. The flat steel edge of the burner rests on the table top.
You pour some bio-ethanol into the burner and light it with a long lighter. The flames will be warm after 10-15 minutes and will then turn into beautiful orange-yellow. It is best to let the fuel burn completely. If you want to extinguish the fire earlier, you can do this by closing the slide with the supplied flame shutter. Read the manual carefully before use to avoid accidents.

Diameter: 21 cm (outer size)
Installation size: 18 cm (size of opening in the table)
Depth of the burner: 11.5 cm
Fuel tank capacity: 2 litres
Incl. Flame Shutter.

6 x 1 liter Bio-ethanol: € 39.95

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