BBQ grill for the rectangular Fire Pits – Easyfires

 139.00 incl. VAT

• With thermometer
• High quality
• Stands firmly on the table
• Easy to clean.

Suitable for the Easyfires burner of  26 × 76 cm or 25 x 50 cm.
Includes thermometer and lid.


2-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

How to use your Table BBQ:

Light your table fire on the lowest setting
• Place the frame with grill plate over your table fire.
• Ensure that the frame falls outside the edge of the built-in burner
• Place your meat, vegetables and the like on the grill plate
• Use the control knob to determine whether the flames may be slightly higher
• With the built-in thermometer on the lid, you can easily read the temperature.

Advantages of the Table BBQ:
• No splashes when using the the lid
• Everyone can bake their own food while sittiing around the table
• Easy to clean.

Base of the frame: 79 x 31 cm
Height of the frame: 16 cm
Dimensions of the grill plate: 48 x 25 cm.

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