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Outdoor fireplace / Wood stove / BBQ – Dalhart – 100% stainless steel

 655.00  499.00 incl. VAT

Warm and cozy sitting outside until late in the evening gives an extra dimension to enjoying! The stainless steel outdoor fireplace is handmade, this outdoor fireplace is therefore unique and of high quality. Due to its size, this stainless steel outdoor stove is suitable for sitting around it with a large group. This sleek outdoor fireplace has an 80 cm long smoke exhaust pipe as standard, and can be made even higher with an extension pipe, so you will not be bothered by the smoke!

High-quality Wood stove / Outdoor fireplace

This sturdy and attractive patio fireplace is made of high-quality stainless steel. As a result, the patio fireplace has a very long lifespan, it is maintenance-free and can simply remain outside in summer and winter. Due to the great radiant heat you can enjoy a lovely fireplace on your terrace at any time of the year.

The fireplace has a black powder coating.
Incl. a grill hanging system.
The wood stove has an optimal draft through the extension pipe
The spark guard ensures minimal spark emission
Can be left outside in summer and winter
The stainless steel wood-burning stove is virtually maintenance-free
Provides great heat radiation
1 year warranty on manufacturing defects
Dutch product
100% stainless steel

Furthermore, the fireplace can be expanded with several options:
Stainless steel grill / barbecue grate, several grids fit one above the other in the stove;
Vegetable grid (for roasting vegetables / shoarma);
Extra flue / pipe – 65 cm – with a higher pipe you will not be bothered by the smoke;
Poker, useful for turning the grids over the fire;

Black version
80 cm smoke pipe with spark arrester
Heater 1.20 cm
Total height 2 m
Diameter mantle 45 cm
Thickness of wall fireplace 1.4 mm (= stainless steel AISI 441 for good corrosion resistance and can withstand high temperatures up to 950 ° C)
Diameter smoking pipe 16 cm
Thickness wall extension pipe 0.8 mm

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