What if my gas fire ignites difficultly or badly?

Gas fireplaces and gas heaters are easy to maintain. Switch on the fire with the push of a button and you will immediately have an attractive and warm fire image. With an annual maintenance, you can in most cases enjoy a gas fireplace or a gas heater for a long time. Keeping the gas fireplace dust-free prevents problems and improves the lifetime of the fireplace. However, sometimes problems may occur. In most cases where the gas fire is ignited difficultly or poorly, this is due to a problem with the electronic ignition. The following may be the case:

  1. The control battery is empty or weak. In this case, replace the battery and try again.
  2. There is not enough gas in the gas bottle

What can I do about a strange smell when the gas fire is burning?

A brand new gas fire can give a strange smell during the first hours of operation. This is nothing to worry about and will disappear. This only concerns minuscule scraps left behind during the manufacturing process. The gas fires of Terras & Co BV are of high quality and optimally secured. All fireplaces are equipped with a system that automatically turns off the gas supply when the pilot flame goes out. Do you smell gas in a very exceptional case? Then close the gas tap / bottle. Does the problem persist? Then contact us.

Instruction to resolve malfunctioning gas burners that go out after releasing the gas button

  1. Cleaning the burner, especially the part at the igniter and thermocouple: Dirt and / or soot particles can disrupt the operation of the thermocouple.
  2. This also occurs with new burners. Remove the lava stones.
  3. Remove the plastic cover at the igniter and the thermocouple.
  4. With an air compressor, you can blow the burner clean, this works out best.
  5. If you do not have a compressor, you can carefully clean the burner with a brush and clean the holes in the burner with a toothpick.
  6. Now, test the operation of the fire.
  7. Does the fire still not burn after releasing the gas button? Please, contact us.