Safe handling of a gas fire pit table

With a beautiful fire pit table of, for example, the brand EasyFires, you get comfort as well as atmosphere. These stylish fire tables are equipped with a built-in gas fireplace. The big advantage of this is that you are not bothered by smoke or flying sparks! Moreover, the height of the flame can easily be adjusted to your own wishes. And if you want to put out the fire, you can do that with the turn of a button. Working with gas is therefore very comfortable and it ensures user-friendliness. But there are of course some points of attention.

Fire pit tables on propane / butane gas

The butane gas bottle is not used that much anymore in the Netherlands, but in other European countries it is. Most gas bottles are filled with propane. You don’t notice the difference when using the gas fire table. Propane and butane are both a liquefied petroleum gas, and generally known as LPG. Autogas is a mixture of butane and propane plus a lubricant for engines, and is therefore unsuitable for fire tables: the burner is contaminated and combustion of the additives is probably toxic. The only noticeable difference between butane and propane is that propane can be used at low temperatures and butane cannot. Butane can no longer be used at freezing temperatures and propane can be used up to a temperature of -42 degrees.

Gasfles voor vuurtafel

How does a gas cylinder work?

After a longer period of use, it is possible that a gas bottle can freeze and the flame will go out. This is a problem with the gas cylinder and there is little to be done about it. It is because the propane needs time to convert the liquid gas to vapor gas. If the gas bottle is small or if the flames are high, there is insufficient time for that process and the freezing will occur after a while. So there is nothing wrong with your gas fireplace and it does not always mean hat your gas bottle is empty. The part that is frozen (white frost on the bottle) shows how much gas is left in the bottle. If your gas bottle is frozen, it is advisable to wait before you switch the fire on again, which takes around 15 – 25 minutes. With gas bottles of 10-12 kg, freezing will not happen so quickly. With a gas cylinder of 5 kg this will occur faster. Propane gas bottles are available in many sizes. The sizes 5 kg and 10.5 kg are popular.


Which gas cylinder is suitable for your fire pit table?

In addition to the normal steel gas bottles, there are also lightweight gas bottles made of plastic. Different variants of plastic gas bottles are available, each of which fits perfectly into the gas fire table. The Benegas Light brand has gas bottles that are almost twice as light as the normal steel gas bottles. These are easy to carry due to the light weights and the large handles. The collar also offers protection for the gas tap. The plastic gas bottles also leave no rust spots behind, as can be the case with the steel gas bottles.