How do I connect a gas bottle with my gas Fire Pit Table?

No idea how to connect a gas bottle with the gas Fireplace / Fire table safely ? Fortunately, this is very easy. With the right gas cylinder and the right connectors you can light your fire table safely. In this article, we advise about connecting a gas cylinder with a built-in fire. First check whether the black rubber washer is present in the nut of the pressure regulator. Then firmly attach the connection nut of the pressure regulator (left-hand thread) to the gas bottle. Use a wrench (hand-tight is not sufficient), but do not over tighten the nut as well, as a result of which the rubber ring may lose its flexibility after frequent use. Hold the pressure regulator with the top side up when tightening the nut. After connecting, turn the tap handwheel counterclockwise to open the gas supply of the cylinder. Propane gas is compressed into liquid in bottles. It is colourless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Propane gas is heavier than air and in the event of a leak it spreads over the ground. Even during freezing weather, propane gas can still be used.

Gas bottle freezes

It is important to know that there is a possibility that gas bottles can freeze with a longer period of use and that the flame will then go out. Freezing is a problem of the gas cylinder and unfortunately there is little that can be done about it, because propane (or any other type of gas) needs time to convert the liquid gas to vapor gas. If the gas bottle is small (5 kg) or if the flames are very high for a long time, then the gas simply does not have enough time for that process. There is nothing wrong with your patio fireplace, the gas cylinder does not have to be empty either. On the part that is frozen (white frost on the bottle) one can see how much gas is left in the bottle. After a while (15-25 minutes) the fireplace can be switched on again. A solution: with larger bottles of at least 10 kg, freezing will not occur quickly. With a gas bottle of 5 kg this problem will occur faster.

Connect a gas bottle in 8 steps

  1. Check the gas pressure regulator and the rubber washer in the regulator connection for damage.
  2. Connect the gas pressure regulator to the gas cylinder.
  3. Tighten the pressure regulator firmly with a wrench.
  4. Place the gas bottle on a flat surface in standing position only.
  5. Turn on the gas tap by hand, do not use any tools.
  6. Coat the joints with a little soap and a brush.
  7. Do bubbles arise? Then the gas pressure regulator is not properly connectd. In that case, repeat the above steps.
  8. No bubbles? Now the gas fire can be operated safely.