Fireplaces with KIWA CE certification

Why a Dutch KIWA CE safety certificate and what does it mean?
KIWA strictly tests and approves a gas product on quality, sound components, safe clean gas combustion, waste, soot formation, toxins, leaks, gas blocking in the event of overheating and keeps a check on professional installation. All “Table Fireplaces” meet these legally regulated Dutch safety regulations and are therefore KIWA CE Pin 0063BQ3153 certified. The silver-colored certificate is official proof of guarantee for the fire insurance. As a recognized supplier of gas products, we warn what can go wrong when purchasing wrong, unapproved products.

What are the dangers of an unsafe gas fire?

Fire due to overheating
Explosion due to leaking gas hose or assembly
Poisoning due to poor gas combustion
Soot formation due to incomplete combustion

With a safe gas fire pit, the parts below must NEVER be missing!

A gas fire must be equipped with an electronic Piezo ignition and thermoelectric protection, which protects against overheating. This ignites the pilot flame without a battery or lighter. This protection blocks the gas supply in the event of the slightest defect.
The pilot flame itself provides the thermal protection. When the pilot flame goes out, it shuts off the gas supply at all times and the fireplace immediately goes out.
The gas control block with 2 buttons controls the maximum permitted gas outflow, so that a clean gas combustion is created with minimal waste. One knob serves to ignite the pilot flame and the other knob controls an even, stepless and safe flame height without unexpected spikes in the flames. The gas pressure remains constant via the gas pressure regulator despite the various flame heights with an operating pressure of 30 mbar.
In the Dutch fire pits, a very special silencer has been fitted to the gas supply to prevent annoying noise or disturbing noise from the flowing gas. The supplied KIWA CE certificate states the kilowatt load, injector in mm, the size of the burner, the inspection year and the inspection number of the certificate.